To Authors

Why i fixing or updating other author's mods?

I update mods that have been abandoned by the authors a long time ago and are no longer updated by them. It is a pity that they will disappear. And no one is trying to update or fix them.

I also correct the carelessness and bugs made by the authors in a hurry, and some I can rebuild from scratch in better quality.

Can I be accused of theft?

Hell No! Authors published their mods to network accessible for everyone. Moreover, these mods cannot be protected by copyright by an authors (read about below)

Should I have asked permission before editing other author's mods?

From an ethical point of view - YES, from a legal one - No, because all the Brawlhalla mods are belong to Ubisoft.

In Brawlhalla's About you can find this link

... you agree to transfer irrevocably to UBISOFT, free of charge, all rights of use you may have over the User Modified Materials created by you including but not limited to rights over trademark, patent, commercial secrets, copyright, neighbors rights and rights of publicity therein, allowing UBISOFT to benefit freely from the following rights ...

Also, I see no reason to ask permission from modders about "their" mod's textures, which was "taken without permission" from other games or from other artists. Now there are about 95% of such mods. These people accuse me of theft, but in fact they think only about their rights, and not about the players who could get a different version of their mod, indicating them as authors.

About Author's sign, signature or watermark

If author did make art for textures byself and signs looks like fulfill part of environment - then i will not delete author's sign

If author did make mods of textures of Brawlhalla/other game, cartoon, etc - then i will delete author's sign

My goal:

I do not aim to hide my updates or recreations of other authors's mods, they are available to everyone who wants to download them.

Since I am a QA, I try to look at the mod from the users' side (as much as I can objectively do this) and if I understand that background is not suitable somewhere, then I select a more suitable one. Yes, of course, someone may not like my choice, but I do not force anyone to download my version, especially since the link to the original author's mod is always in the in credits of post.

If you watched the movie Captain America: Civil War - then I'm in this confrontation Captain America. I can’t stand by and wait for permission, I’m acting.

To authors who wants to update their mods in this blog:

If you are the author of mod and agree with my comments/remarks and you are ready to continue to support your mod on my terms, then I will add you as an author and you can update your mod in this blog (your Name will be on the post).

Consider me an intermediary between mod authors and players. An intermediary who is trying to provide better content.

If you do not agree with my conditions, then I will work on improving your mods myself and my changes will remain the way I made them, indicating you as the author in credits.

To authors who wants to delete their work from this blog:

If you register the rights to your textures under a different trademark or registered name, then I will remove your UGS from the blog, but only after proving that you are the author and creator of these textures without using ready-made textures from other games / films / comics and others intellectual property.

As long as you present these textures as a mod for the game Brawlhalla - all rights belong to Ubisoft and you cannot demand any action with respect to the mods specified in this blog.