How to install?
1 Open Zip archive
2 Extract to your game path ..\Steam\SteamApps\common\Brawlhalla
3 Overwrite files

Will this work with other mods?
as long as they're not the same map mods.

Do i have to update this every patch?
probably Not, i will anounce if Yes

Will this get me VAC banned?
probably not.

Will this get me Brawlhalla Banned?

Does this work on Macs?

How to delete mods
just verify the integrity of the game cache through steam or replace the files with your own backups. To verify integrity of game cache, right click the game in your steam library, click "properties", the "local files" tab, and then "verify integrity of game cache" this will replace any files that you have modded with the original game files.